7 Undeniable Proofs that Cloud Technology Is Here to Stay

As digitization unmuffles in new shades, we see cloud technology becoming more widely adopted and accessible across multifarious industries. It has enabled various businesses to leverage its advantages, including increased efficiency, enhanced security, and improved collaboration. The benefits of cloud technology are not limited to businesses, as individuals can also enjoy the convenience of cloud-based […]

Cloud Native, Cloud Ready, and Cloud Compatible: What Do All Three Terms Mean?

“Cloud-native”, “cloud-ready”, and “cloud-compatible” are common terms in cloud computing. Although they are all cloud-related, they don’t mean the same and offer different features to users. Organizations looking to operate in the cloud need to be aware of which mix of IT resources can be worked into maximizing their operational objectives. To make this translucent […]

Best Practices for Implementing FinOps to Improve Your Bottom Line  

Implementing FinOps (Financial Operations) can be a great way to streamline your business’s financial processes, improve visibility into the overall financial picture, and maximize profits. However, optimizing your FinOps process can sometimes be an unmet end. Here is a simple and succinct look into the best practices for implementing FinOps to help you get the […]